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Technology Due Diligence

Technical due diligence is the process of evaluating a company's technology and related aspects, including  products, software, product roadmaps, product differentiation, systems, and practices. Technical due diligence often occurs in conjunction with major corporate events such as mergers, acquisitions, and initial public offerings (IPOs). 
Technical due diligence is important because it gives a potential buyer or investor an accurate view of a company's net worth and its growth potential  and risks, taking into account factors such as product market differentiation, competitors,  intellectual property rights protection, market forces, risks  of using third-party software, technological processes, etc.


If you are thinking of purchasing an existing business Omnitech can help you. Mergers and acquisitions can be risky, so you need to truly evaluate the state of the pre existing business. Businesses with quick growth and amazing opportunity potentially may have fallen behind with their tech infrastructure. Technology Due Diligence will help you realize where you can improve operations to continue prospering. There is a wide range of criteria that we use to grade a pre existing business' Infrastructure. The goal is to integrate the technology of the company being acquired. If the technology infrastructure, architecture, and applications are incompatible, it may have to be rebuilt. Here are a few things we check for:


If your hardware is up to date


If your current infrastructure is able to sustain growth


If your applications are hosted in the cloud


How your applications and processes are organized


If you have any annual licensing fees & how your software is managed


How your technology is acquired

Omnitech Software Solutions, LLC can help to organize and understand your issues. We provide a complete technology audit to guide you in evaluating the "health” of your acquisition. This audit document will outline the “current state” as well as the “end state” of what will happen after the merger, highlighting the strengths, weaknesses and opportunities. Contact us today!

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